I’ve been talking about my birthday a lot (probably more than most people do), but let me tell you why. I feel so fortunate to have the chance to celebrate another year that I just can’t keep it to myself. FOR MY 50TH…my birthday wish is to help others celebrate more birthdays the way I get to this year.

Here’s why…

My personal health journey—brain surgery, breast cancer, heart and autoimmune issues—has caused me, repeatedly, to ask the question, “How do people who aren’t as fortunate as I am, who don’t have the privileges that I have, navigate a significant health crisis?” 

And it turns out that in many cases, they can’t. They can’t navigate a significant health crisis.

And that fact turns my stomach.

Which is why I’ve been searching for, and recently found, BARHII—the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative. In talking with BARHII Executive Director, Melissa Jones, I learned more about the hard truths around life expectancy (how many birthdays celebrated) and how it can vary GREATLY right here in the SF Bay Area. I was heartened to know that through programs, services, work at the policy level, and partnership with eleven Bay Area Public Health Departments, BARHII’s work focuses on population level solutions and initiatives to shift unjust systems.

So here’s where we come in…the support of private donations helps BARHII do the important work of helping people across the Bay Area have more birthdays to celebrate! So that’s why I hope you’ll join me for a very special Stop Drop at Dance class hosted by Grace Yu (learn more about Grace and her company The Power With Grace in my recent WFH Wellness Entrepreneur Spotlight):

Saturday, April 17th, 9:30-10:45am PST

STEP 1: Click the LET’S DANCE! button below
STEP 2: Scroll down to select the April 17th class
STEP 3: Choose how you’d like to participate and make a donation:
* In Person (regularly $20)
* On Zoom (regularly $12)
* With a contribution (anything appreciated!)

BARHII is committed to advancing equity—health equity, economic opportunity, racial justice—right here in the SF Bay Area. I’m SF Bay Area-born and raised. My heart lives in this region and I’m SO excited to CELEBRATE another precious birthday with each of you! Let’s DANCE TOGETHER because we can and THANK YOU for your support—no amount is too small and all are equally appreciated.