Before we begin…

* Remember, getting yourself a holiday gift is totally appropriate.

** I have purchased, used and highly recommend all of the items listed below. These are my favorites.

*** Please consider supporting local or small businesses. If you are purchasing from Amazon, I encourage you to support my Amazon charity of choice this year (Angel Aid Cares) through the Amazon smiles program using this link. Angel Aid Cares provides resources, support, and care for mothers of children with rare diseases. To learn more, visit Angel Aid Cares.


I was fortunate to meet entrepreneur Desiree Stapleton this year and I truly believe that every business owner and creative (maybe every human?) needs the T-shirt she created. HERE’S THE LINK. Act fast! For Desiree, I hope she sells out. For you…I hope you get one. $15 + tax and shipping


Give your entrepreneur friends (or yourself) the gift of MARKETING TIPS.

Your Launch! Five Email Templates to Help You Share Your Big News You don’t have to start your marketing efforts with a blank page! Take the first step towards your next email announcement with help from an experienced Marketing Director. Remember Mad-Libs? In this packet you will find tips on reaching out to your audience plus five fill-in-able email templates based on successful campaigns used for real companies, products, and launches. Works for launching an event, product, or service. $20 downloadable

Fonts! Six Tips for Improving Your Typography Great design may go unnoticed to non-designers, but amateur design can stand out to everyone (in not the best ways). This PDF is for the adventurous beginner using Canva, Wix, Squarespace, or any DIY design platform; the business owner or creative on a tight budget; the fast-moving entrepreneur who just wants to get it done at 3am. These simple font tips will help you make the most out of your DIY design projects until the time comes when you’re ready to hire help. Design is fun AND can be beautiful even on a budget. $20 downloadable


My top four classic recommendations. These are not new releases, but if you missed them the first time around, I’d recommend you circle back: (Links take you to which supports local booksellers.)

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
Don’t be fooled…this book isn’t just about writing and it isn’t just for writers. It’s a calming guide for anyone making anything—a business, a project, a life. Gain peace-of-mind and sound tools on handling life’s big projects in this timeless classic. Support local booksellers and purchase Bird by Bird here.  $16

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
If you’ve ever done anything creative in your life or if you’ve ever WANTED to do some kind of creative project, this book is for you. Inspiring beyond belief. I devoured every page and then went back and read it again. This is Elizabeth Gilbert at her finest, most inspirational. Her concept of what happens to ideas, how we are the vehicle for them, rather than the owner of them blew my mind. You’re going to love this. Support local booksellers and purchase Big Magic here. $17

Small Graces by Kent Nerburn
This beautiful book reads almost like poetry. It’s bite-sized chapters will lower your blood pressure. I’ve used this book as a daily meditation, and also as a tool to cope with illness, death, and grief. It’s a gentle and beautiful reminder that the important things in life are the small graces we are offered each day. No matter what stage your business, project, or life is in, this book will offer you moments of self-care and reflection. Perfect to read each morning with a hot mug or each evening as the sun goes down. Support local booksellers and purchase Small Graces here. $18

When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
It’s difficult to choose just ONE David Sedaris book to put on this list. So take this recommendation as a David Sedaris starting point. It’s not his first book and it’s not the only one I own. The reason I’m listing it here is that it’s the current one on my nightstand. David’s books create true belly laugh out loud moments (even when being read under the covers late at night). If you’re like me and sometimes need “funny things” before bed, start with David. Support local booksellers and purchase When You Are Engulfed in Flames here. $17

David has a new book out! I haven’t read it yet, but if you’ve been meaning to order it, you can support local bookstores and get it here.


You might be surprised to see that this is not candles (although here is my new favorite woman-owned, small business, candle-maker), lotions, or even a cozy blanket. This year, self-care for me meant taking care of my posture. Every. Damn. Day. Ergonomics. And this laptop stand was the single biggest contributor to less pain in my neck this year. This is an Amazon link because our time is valuable and sometimes you just need to get your body taken care of quickly. If you or someone you love is still hunched over a laptop, get this. The human head weighs 10-11 lbs on average…spare your upper back! $40ish


For those of us who process our thoughts or ideas outside of our head, there is power in writing our thoughts, sharing our thoughts, and talking through our ideas. This journal was gifted to me and I finally pulled it out fresh in 2020 when I set out to build my business. I feel like it’s good luck. I love the mixture of lined pages, blank pages, and graph paper pages and the messages and artwork on the front are just gorgeous. BONUS: Fireweed has incredible customer service and I felt like I was purchasing from a friend. PRO TIP: When customers feel like they KNOW you … they will LIKE and TRUST you … and as a result, they will purchase from you and recommend you to their friends. $17.50 each


Free flowing creative thoughts seem to flow better when you’re using a white board and fresh, bright white board pens. I don’t know what it is, but now that we’re all working and schooling at home, we are fighting over who gets the white board. Put the arguments to a rest and get another…(another Amazon link here, but if you have a locally owned office supply store that is currently open, I’m sure they’d appreciate your support).

The most popular, no-nonsense white board in our house. $22ish

And, keeping fresh pens available is a MUST. $7–14


Is your entrepreneur friend still working at the dining room table? Or are they using a table they found free on the side of the road that is too small and too tall to be a real desk (like I was until about a week ago)?

For under $50 you can have a beautiful white work table that will look good in any room. It takes very little time to assemble and, if you’ve ever been to the stunning Hivery Coworking Space + Inspiration Lab, a clean, beautiful white table will make you feel like you’re right back there. I found my Hivery-inspired work table at IKEA:

Shown in photo: Linnmon table top with Adils legs $40ish

Note: IKEA in Emeryville was out of stock on the Adils legs so I purchased the Godvin legs instead and they’ve been great!

If you want legs with wheels, like at The Hivery, go for the slightly more expensive Krille.

And, if you have no idea what The Hivery is, learn more here. During the pandemic the Virtual Coworking sessions, Mindset Monday’s and online resources have been a valuable tool for fostering connection and belonging.


This fall I took a 6-week business development course with Nicole Walters. It was incredible. I urge you to look her up and follow her on social media. Even if you don’t need the business advice, she’s hilarious and her laugh is infectious.

And, if you or an entrepreneur that you love is interested in building a strong business foundation, I would highly recommend Nicole’s $1K1Day course when she opens it up again in 2021. In the meantime, her course Fierce Clarity is currently available! Fierce Clarity was the “pre-work” for the 6-week program and I’ll tell you…it’s INVALUABLE. I worked through it at least three times and I know I’m going to come back to it again and again. It truly stands up to it’s name and helps entrepreneurs and creators get FIERCELY clear on their purpose and their work. $97


Is it weird that I added myself to this list? I want to help you and your entrepreneur friends get ready for 2021! Give the gift of time with an experienced Marketing Director through a 30-minute Discovery Call or 60-minute Pick-My-Brain Session. Marketing is all about building relationships, creating a fun and sustainable plan, and sharing your work with the world. And, everyone can use a thought-partner now and then. Gift certificates available. $95 Discovery Call / $195 Pick-My-Brain Session

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