This six-week focused masterclass will break down those cringe-worthy marketing feelings of “UGH” and “EWW” and help you move towards feelings of “HOORAY” and “YES!” when it comes to sharing your work with the world.

Your ideas are important—your business, creative project, book, or service. Creative ideas are what move humanity forward but ONLY if we share them. And, that’s where marketing comes in. We know your ideas can make a big impact and we want to help you feel great about sharing them!


  • Have a business, product, service, or creation that you are ready to share with the world.
  • Are a budding entrepreneur who is still finalizing your offering, but is ready to start testing it in the marketplace.
  • Are motivated to grow your business.
  • Have an open mind and are willing to learn.
  • Are feeling frustrated, stuck, nervous, annoyed or bored with the idea of doing marketing.
  • Actually like marketing, but want a fresh perspective.
  • Might not be ready to hire a full-time Marketing Director, but you want input and guidance from an experienced, creative marketing director who has also founded companies and been in your shoes.

Why is my approach unique?

I am a Creative Strategist and Marketing Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the old-school, tried-and-true marketing models and the new digital ones, too. I do not have one formula that applies to everyone. You and your business are unique. I approach marketing from a lens of creativity and planning. I believe (and have seen from experience!) that the best marketing focuses on building relationships and trust with your just-right customers. I love helping entrepreneurs and creators see the good side of marketing—the amazing relationships you can create and the rewards you can feel when you make an impact with your special gifts. This course will help you get to the heart of your business story and create an actionable strategy for sharing it with the world with integrity and authenticity in a way that is sustainable and not stressful. Spending all of your time on marketing activities (or worrying about marketing activities) is NOT my recommendation…a holistic approach that you enjoy is much more effective and will last for the life of your business.

What’s it like to learn from Susan?

Hear from participants in a four-week private group class for entrepreneurs.

“Thank you! You are helping me see marketing in a much more positive light.”

—Davitta, Breakup Recovery Coach

“Susan is dropping straight gems. I have been waiting for marketing to make sense and Susan has me inspired, engaged and back on the right track.”

—Michelle, Professional and Social Success Strategist

“I’m relieved to know marketing can be fun!”

—Midori, composer + pianist


  • Have a new and improved definition of marketing that will guide you in building a brand that truly connects with your customers.
  • Know how to identify your ideal customer and continue to hone in on who your best-fit audience is.
  • Gain insight into three marketing vehicles (email, social media, personal outreach) and be able to select which ones are best for your business.
  • Have ideas for multiple ways you can meet new people and generate more interest in your business, product, or service.
  • Understand the key elements to generating word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Have a step-by-step process for creating both an editorial calendar and a marketing calendar (and you’ll know the differences and importance of each).
  • Know what type of content connects with your customers and have a specific list to use in your business.
  • Be ready to create a marketing and content plan for the next 3, 6, 9, or 12 months!

Course Outline Fall 2021

OCT 12 + 14


What is Marketing?
What is Branding?

Oct 12: Masterclass
Oct 14: Q&A Session

OCT 19 + 21


Choosing Your Marketing Vehicles

Oct 19: Masterclass
Oct 21: Q&A Session

OCT 26 + 28


Building a Creative Launch Strategy

Oc 26: Masterclass
Oct 28: Q&A Session

NOV 2 + 4


How To Create Content That Connects

Nov 2: Masterclass
Nov 4: Q&A Session



Content Brainstorm

Nov 9: Interactive Workshop

NOV 16


Create Your Marketing Calendar

Nov 16: Interactive Workshop

Classes are held on Tuesday & Thursday. All classes will be 9:30-10:30am PST and will be recorded in case you miss it.
Recordings will be posted on a private page by the following day.

When Erica sent this, I was floored…

If you’re ready to feel good about marketing, let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a solid business or idea ready to go?

Great question! This course will be presented in a way that you will get more out of it if you have an existing business, solid business idea, or a creative project close to being ready to go. This course is not about fleshing out WHAT your idea is. This course is about WHO your idea is for and HOW you share it with them. That being said, the marketing fundamentals covered in this course can be applied to all sorts of projects even in the early stages. And, sidenote: I also work 1:1 with clients who need guidance or a thought-partner to flesh out their product, service, or offering. Check out my Creative Development Package here if that’s something you’re looking for.  

I really want to attend this course, but the scheduled dates and times don't work for me. What should I do?

Wow, we get it! It’s so hard to fit everything in and you don’t need to worry. We’ve got you covered.

  • Each Tuesday Masterclass or Workshop will be recorded.
  • Masterclass recordings and the self-guided homework links will be sent to participants via email on Wednesday.
  • Each Thursday Live Q&A session will be recorded and posted on Friday.
What's the difference between a Masterclass session, a Q&A session, and a Workshop session?

There will be four Tuesday Masterclass sessions. Masterclasses are 60ish minute sessions where I will present that week’s topic for the entire session. 

There will be four Thursday Q&A sessions. Q&A are exactly that…you ask questions on the topic from that week and I spend time answering your questions. These sessions will be 30-45 minutes depending on the number of questions! I highly recommend you attend (or watch the video later) because you can learn a lot from listening to other people’s questions. 

There will be two Tuesday Workshop sessions. These will be 45-60 minutes long (Week’s 5 & 6) and will be interactive brainstorming sessions with guided prompts. There’s a chance Q&A sessions will be added on Thursdays for Week’s 5 & 6, if we need more time to get to everyone’s questions.

I'm curious about the BONUSES! What are they?

The BONUSES are two downloadable PDFs with indispensible tools to help you execute on your marketing plans. When Marketing 101 is over, I want to make sure you have all the resources you need to take your marketing to the next level!

It’s time to have fun marketing your work so you can make an even bigger impact…join me this fall!

I can’t wait to guide you through this six-week program…

I believe that everyone, you included, has a treasure inside … a special gift … a GEM that can make a big impact on the world. Those special gifts, those creative ideas are the things that educate us, help us, motivate us, move us, and entertain us. But the only way we can know about YOUR creative idea is if you tell us about it!

I’ve met so many entrepreneurs who are afraid or nervous or just don’t know how to share their work. I’ve also met A LOT of people who have been burned or stressed out by “quick fix” marketing programs that seem like they will “change everything,” and then, for one reason or another, they don’t. Or they are too difficult to implement. Or too complicated to sustain. And, I know a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are just tired of posting on social media and sending emails the same way, month-after-month.

Marketing doesn’t have to be so confusing, stressful, or “ugh”-inducing. Marketing can be FUN! I’ve seen time and time again, how my introverted or shy clients and friends think that they “can’t” do marketing, and then after working through the fundamentals with me, they hit their stride and realize there is a natural marketer living inside them after all!

I am passionate about creativity and creative ideas. I am driven to help you feel great about sharing your ideas with the world and I can’t wait to meet you, get to know your business, and have fun growing together!


Ready to reduce stress and grow your business? I’ll see you soon!