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By far the best book about writing, but it’s not just for writers. If you don’t know Anne Lamott, then you’re in for a real treat. Don’t be fooled, this book is inspirational and a calm, funny guide for anyone with a business, a project, or a life. You will gain peace-of-mind and sound tools on handling life’s big projects in this timeless classic. 

If you’ve ever done anything creative in your life or if you’ve ever WANTED to do some kind of creative project, this book is for you. Inspiring beyond belief. I devoured every page and then went back and read it again. This is Elizabeth Gilbert at her finest, most inspirational. Her concept of what happens to ideas, how we are the vehicle for them, rather than the owner of them blew my mind. You’re going to love this.

This beautiful book reads almost like poetry. It’s bite-sized chapters will lower your blood pressure. I’ve used this book as a tool to cope with illness, death, and grief. It’s a gentle and beautiful reminder that the important things in life are the small graces we are offered each day. No matter what stage your business, project, or life is in, this book will offer you moments of self-care and reflection. Perfect to read each morning with your hot mug or each evening as the sun goes down. Share your thoughts about it with me!

It’s difficult to choose just ONE David Sedaris book to put on this list. So take this recommendation as a David Sedaris starting point. I can’t say that it’s his first book, and frankly the reason I’m listing it here over the many others that I’ve read is that it’s the current one on my nightstand. David’s books create true belly laugh out loud moments (even when being read under the covers late at night). If you’re like me and sometimes need “funny things” before bed, start here.


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