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Marketing Pep Talk for Q1 & Q2

Tuesday, January 18 • 5-6:30pm PST • $35/ticket

All sessions are recorded and sent to ticket holders after the event, so you can still hear the conversation even if you can’t make the time!

Instant Tools to Make Marketing Easier

Your Launch!


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You don’t have to start your marketing efforts with a blank page! Take the first step towards planning your next email announcement with help from an experienced Marketing Director. Remember Mad-Libs? In this packet you will find tips on reaching out to your audience plus five fill-in-able email templates based on successful campaigns used for real companies, products, and launches. Only have a small email list? No worries. No matter the list size, this downloadable will save you hours of time trying to craft just the right sentence or paragraph to launch your product, service, or event—strategies for all three types of launches included! Not excited about writing your next email? These templates can be used over and over as a way to spark your creativity and connect with your customers. Marketing can be fun and easy!  
$20 Downloadable

Thank you for working with me to launch my Fall Cohort. I filled my workshop by the deadline I was hoping for! The open rates on the emails you created with me went way up because my audience was enjoying reading them. I even received a note from the former CMO from a leading investment firm that said, ‘Your emails are superb, I love them!’ You helped so much with my anxiety and writer’s block and otherwise, I wouldn’t have sent out the emails necessary to fill up my cohort. You were much more than a marketing person/writer—you were a real thought partner! Thank you thank you thank you!


Founder, Women With Capital

Fonts! Love Them, But Not All at the Same Time


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It’s fun to play with fonts. And, now with DIY design programs like Canva (for graphics) or Squarespace (for websites), anyone with a computer can get their hands on and explore the world of typography. But there’s a reason graphic designers go to school…

Great design may go unnoticed to non-designers, but amateur design can stand out to everyone (in not the best ways). To experienced graphic designers, do not fret. These DIY design programs (or this PDF) won’t put you out of business. It is still our first recommendation to hire an experienced professional for most design projects.

But, for…

…the adventurous beginner

…the business owner or creative on a tight budget

…the fast-moving entrepreneur who just wants to get it done at 3am

…these simple font guidelines will help you make the most out of your DIY design projects until the time comes when you’re ready to hire help. Design is fun AND can be beautiful even on a budget.

$20 Downloadable

What Susan doesn’t know about typography isn’t worth knowing. During our years working together, she has gently corrected my mistakes in font design and taught me so much about what makes a cohesive design come together with text.


Kim Thompson Steel Visual Storytelling Studio