Us Working Together

What Does a Creative + Marketing Consultant Do?

The Basics

We will focus on your needs and be guided by your goals. My speciality is looking at the BIG PICTURE and then working with you to create a plan to develop, launch, or amplify your work. I focus on:

You have an amazing idea (or a lot of them) and you aren’t sure where to begin. You might be looking to create a book, course, brand website, curriculum, or physical product. Together, we will organize your ideas into a cohesive, actionable plan.

You are ready to build a roadmap to grow your business, launch your product, host your workshop. Together, we will create a plan with clear steps that you can check off your list with joy.

My background and love for high-quality design infuses all of my work. As an experienced art director, I can help you hone and communicate your vision. I will be your thought-partner through the process of developing your project whether you have your own designer or need one.

Why is My Approach Unique?

I am a Creative Strategist and Marketing Advisor with extensive experience in the old-school, tried-and-true marketing models and the new digital ones, too. I do not have one formula that applies to everyone. You and your business are unique. Listening, learning, and helping you clarify your true priorities is important to me.

On the Creative Development side, every project and creator is different. I will help you apply the principles of Design Thinking to focus your vision and create a solid plan for executing your project. On the Marketing side, well…marketing is all about building relationships and trust with your customers. I will help you get to the heart of your business story and create an actionable strategy for sharing it with the world with integrity and authenticity in a way that is sustainable and not stressful. Spending all of your time on marketing activities (or worrying about marketing activities) is NOT my recommendation…a holistic approach is.

Woven into our work together will be reminders and exercises that will help you focus on the big picture, create a joy-filled and sustainable plan, and believe that, no matter what, everything is going to be okay.

How Can We Work Together?

Pick My Brain

You have a marketing question, want
creative feedback, or need a thought-partner to discuss a challenge
We’ll focus on you!


You want to learn more.
Share your goals
In-depth Q&A
Best next steps!


You are ready to share your work with the world.
Research + Planning
A detailed roadmap!

Creative Development

You have a great idea that needs structure.
Brainstorming + Research + Planning
A clear strategy!

Pick My Brain

Do you have a quick question? Would you like feedback on your website, video, brochure, social media post, newsletter, or email? Do you need creative input, encouragement, an experienced eye, or someone who can be that second set of eyes on your work?

Book a time to Pick My Brain! You will fill out an intake form, attaching your work if you’d like, and provide me with a description, what you’d like me to look at and your feelings about it. In this 60-minute session, you’ll have access to all 20+ years of my experience.

Book a monthly (or more frequent) Pick My Brain session to get ongoing support and momentum!


Discovery Call

I am passionate about helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and creatives build a roadmap to develop, launch, and amplify their work.

Each Discovery Call Zoom session is specific to your needs and guided by your goals. Prior to our call, you will fill out an intake form so I can be prepared in advance. In this 30-Minute Session, we will:
• Review your business/idea/project
• Identify challenges you might be facing
• Answer your questions
• Formulate a plan for next steps

You will receive valuable information, acknowledgement of your hard work, and encouragement to keep going! 


Launch Strategy Package

You are ready to launch your next project, offering, workshop, or event, and you aren’t sure where to begin. What you really want is a roadmap to help you get where you want to go.

The Launch Strategy Package is an in-depth process for creating a plan to share your work with the world. The first step is to book a Discovery Call so that I can learn more about your vision and goals. Once we’ve decided that a Launch Strategy Package is right for you, the process  includes:

  • 30-minute Pre-Launch call (goals, dates, details)
  • Working off the pre-call, your Launch Outline Sequence will be built
  • 90-minute Launch Session Strategy call to review/revise your timeline and action plan for social, email, and personal outreach
  • Email sequence topics and five copywriting templates
  • Additional resources to help you execute your launch!

As I walk you through the process, you will have plenty of time to share your thoughts and make adjustments. Together we will create a strategy that feels right for you and your business. You will walk away with a solid plan and my recommendations for how to execute it.

Book a Discovery Call to Learn More

Creative Development Package

You have amazing ideas, but need help organizing them into an actionable plan. Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin or you’re stuck in the dreaded middle. You might be trying to make sense of your vision, communicate it to others, and bring all of the pieces together. Or, you just need encouragement and a plan to finally create that course, write that book, finish that presentation, or build that website.

Every project is different! The Creative Development Package follows the principles of Design Thinking AND is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the project and you, the creator. It includes:

  • 30-minute Goals Session
  • Detailed review of your Intake Form
  • Structure to help you do Clarifying Research
  • Six one-hour Creative Meetings where we work together to understand challenges, brainstorm and develop solutions, and create your roadmap for next steps
  • Detailed notes, recordings, and action plan to move you forward
It’s best if our six meetings are scheduled within 3-4 months so that we can capitalize on our combined creative momentum. This is a fun and exhilarating process!

Book a Discovery Call to Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

You are a "thought-partner." What does that mean?

Have you ever needed to talk through something to clarify what you’re actually thinking? A thought-partner is a great listener and someone who has experience with the challenge you are facing. For founders and businesses leaders, it can sometimes feel a bit lonely at the top. As a thought-partner, I spend time listening and helping clients work through different solutions to come up with what feels like their right next step. It’s like we’re working on a puzzle together, both of us hunched over the card-table, finding the right pieces, and fitting them in together. Thought-partners don’t tell you what to do, they help you think through all the options so you can confidently settle on what you want to do. 

Do I have to have a business to work with you?

If you have project or idea that you are looking to develop, launch, or amplify, then you’ve come to the right place! It does not need to be a “formal” business. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with everything from very early stage start-ups to established businesses. I love the beginning, so don’t worry if you’re not established yet. Booking a Discovery Call would be a great first step!

What if I just have a quick question?

I totally get it! Sometimes you want another opinion, but you’re saavy enough to know that you want an educated opinion from someone who has experience. The Pick My Brain session is perfect for you. You’ll have my focused attention and all 20+ years of my experience) at your disposal. You can send me your question, files, links, images, or text to review in advance. During our meeting, I’ll share feedback, edits, and be available for any questions you have about your marketing or creative challenge. We can accomplish a lot in one session!

Can you design my ... [logo, brochure, website]? Fill in the blank.

I do have a background in graphic design and had my own design studio for several years. I would love to help you find the right graphic designer for your project. Book a Discovery Call so I can hear all about your needs and give you my best recommendations for your next steps.

Or, if you’re at the early stage of your idea, check out the Creative Development Package. In this series of meetings, I will guide you through the creative process—together we will distill your thoughts into one clear, cohesive vision and create an actionable plan that you can clearly communicate to a graphic designer, whether you’re already working with one or need a referral.

I'm looking for a Marketing Director for my business, do you work on retainer?

Book a Discovery Call and let’s talk! I look forward to helping you find a solution to your marketing challenges.

How do I know if a Launch Strategy Session is right for me?

Do you have a new project, offering, workshop, or event, product, or website that you’re interseted in sharing with the world? Are you a little stuck on how to get your work in front of people? Does the idea of marketing your work (or marketing in general) make you nervous? Is your head spinning from taking a lot of online marketing courses or reading about what everyone else is doing?

You are not alone. If all of the above apply, then you are definitely ready for a Launch Strategy Session! Still not 100% sure? Book a Discovery Call and let’s talk more.

How do I know if the Creative Development Package is right for me?

There’s something you want to create. Maybe you’ve wanted to build this for years and yet, you haven’t been able to make it happen.

Do you have an amazing idea (or a lot of them) and you aren’t sure where to begin?

Are you having a hard time making sense of your brilliance, communicating it to others, and pulling all of the pieces together into one cohesive plan?

Do you really want to create a course, but you’re not sure where to begin or how to organize your content? Are you finally ready to write that book, but right now it’s just a list of chapters on a legal pad? Is your TedTalk a bunch of Powerpoint slides with no direction?

When we work together through the Creative Development Package, you get my 20+ years of product development experience. I bring a fresh perspective offering you brainstorming time, guidance, a sounding board, coaching, encouragment, and accountability so you can finally put your masterpiece out into the world! 

STELLAR WORK! The clarity of what you have delivered shows an aesthetic intelligence that will make the attendees to my workshop so receptive. This is so beautiful!


Founder, Thought-Leader, Inner Voice Network, Creative Development Package

Thank you for working with me to launch my Fall Cohort. I filled my workshop by the deadline I was hoping for! The open rates on the emails you created with me went way up because my audience was enjoying reading them. I even received a note from the former CMO from a leading investment firm that said, ‘Your emails are superb, I love them!’ You helped so much with my anxiety and writer’s block and otherwise, I wouldn’t have sent out the emails necessary to fill up my cohort. You were much more than a marketing person/writer—you were a real thought partner! Thank you thank you thank you!


CEO, Women With Capital, Launch Strategy Sessions

I was blown away by how much I learned about marketing my writing workshops in our hour-long meeting. My blood pressure literally went down and you calmed my fears about marketing. And, the idea of creating a marketing schedule…I never thought of that…genius!


Writer, Podcaster, Launch Strategy Session